15 January 2009

Modern Saint Series: Saint Prozac

Whole cloth wall hanging, painted and stitched, 20"x20".

Family Portrait

Drawn and painted whole cloth, hand and free-motion machine stitching, 18"x24".

Christmas Tree Collage

Christmas tree fabric collage of scraps and button-on star ornaments, free-motion stitching, 48"x60".

University of the South Graduation Collage

Commission for graduation from Sewanee, collage of symbols of college years, 18"x24".

Liturgical Stole

Fabric collage with family images in 4-inch-square panels.

Baby Quilt Commission

Commission with family symbols, 48" by 48", fabric collage with free-motion stitching.

04 October 2008

Valley View: Four Seasons

Green's View on the Cumberland Plateau, hand-painted fabric collage with free-motion machine stitching, approximately 48" by 64".